B.ed Student Information 
List of Students who have reported/ joined the B.Ed. Course : 2012-13
Branch NameSerial NoAllotted under CategoryRoll NumberNameFather's NameCategoryState RankAllottment Date
Arts and Commerce 1GNOP 17841090DILEEP SINGH SIYA RAM VERMA BCOP 1098310/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 2GNOP 15651006SATYENDER SINGH JUGRAJ SINGH GNOP 1302710/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 3GNOP 17831306HARINAM SINGH RAM SANEHI BCOP 1370910/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 4GNOP 17811592SHUKDEV AGRAWAL ASHOK KUMAR AGRAWAL GNOP 1514010/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 5GNOP 15905021SHILPI RAKESH KUMAR VERMA GNOP 1529310/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 6GNOP 17825369HINA HASHMAT ALI GNOP 1536310/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 7GNOP 17831726ABHISHEK KUMAR MUNNA LAL GNOP 1657410/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 8GNOP 16855712ANSHUL TRIPATHI LALIT KISHOR TRIPATHI GNOP 1678110/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 9GNOP 17881081RAJ KUMAR PYAREY LAL GNOP 1786610/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 10GNOP 17831615ANKIT KUMAR RAM SAGAR GNOP 1794710/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 11GNOP 17811491SUNIL KUMAR GUPTA CHOTEY LAL GUPTA GNOP 1908510/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 12GNOP 17885086MANPREET KAUR SARDAR PARAMJEET SINGH GNOP 1968510/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 13GNOP 15581320ANUJ KUMAR PANDEY VIMLESH KUMAR PANDEY GNOP 2128711/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 14GNOP 17825251NEHA BHARDWAJ VIJAY KISHORE BHARDWAJ GNOP 2140711/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 15GNOP 17871045ARVIND KUMAR MISHRA UMA SHANKAR MISHRA GNOP 2167011/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 16GNOP 17811562SUMIT KUMAR MOURYA HARI PRASAD MOURYA GNOP 2261711/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 17GNOP 17861100MAYANK KUMAR PREM SHANKER SHUKLA GNOP 2410511/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 18GNOP 16531227RAVINDRA KUMAR YAGYADATT DIXIT GNOP 2441211/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 19GNOP 17825199JYOTI VERMA SURENDRA KUMAR VERMA GNOP 2642911/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 20GNOP 17811686AKHILESH KUMAR SHANKAR DAYAL SCPH 2664411/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 21GNOP 16901401MOHD JAVED ANSARI ZAHID ALI ANSARI BCOP 2681211/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 22GNOP 17841130BABLU KUMAR VASUDEV GAUR GNOP 2724211/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 23GNOP 17811585UPENDRA KUMAR VIPIN BIHARI MISHRA GNOP 2734411/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 24GNOP 17831067PANKAJ KUMAR RAJENDRA PRASAD SCOP 2774311/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 25GNOP 17825017MADHU RATHOUR SOBRAN SINGH RATHOUR BCOP 2800811/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 26GNOP 17875104ANURADHA PATEL VINOD KUMAR PATEL GNOP 2957411/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 27GNOP 17811546ABHAY AGNIHOTRI ASHLENDRA KUMAR AGNIHOTRI GNOP 3030512/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 28GNOP 17881223RUPESH VERMA RAM NARESH VERMA BCOP 3105912/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 29GNOP 17831485SANDEEP KUMAR MISHRA RAMA KANT MISHRA GNOP 3149112/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 30GNOP 15991039PRABHAT VERMA BHAGWAN DEEN VERMA BCOP 3158912/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 31GNOP 17811166MANOJ KUMAR RAM PRAKASH SCPH 3332712/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 32GNOP 17831260SUDHIR KUMAR VERMA SANKATA PRASAD VERMA BCOP 3374112/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 33GNOP 17895466SUNITA VERMA KESHAV RAM VERMA GNOP 3385512/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 34GNOP 15845289JYOTI GOSWAMI GANESH GIRI BCOP 3393612/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 35GNOP 17865096FARHEEN BANO SHABAN ALI BCOP 34137.007312/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 36GNOP 17831251AMRIT LAL ASHARFI LAL SCPH 3422612/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 37GNOP 17881229MOHAMMAD JAVED ABDUL HAMID GNOP 3428612/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 38GNOP 15875410DEEKSHA AWASTHI RAKESH KUMAR AWASTHI GNOP 3662912/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 40GNOP 17831162RAMKRISHNA RAM NA ESH GNOP 3749812/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 41GNOP 17881010DEEPAK KANAUJIA RAM PAL KANAUJIA GNOP 3954212/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 42GNOP 17831567SHAILENDRA GUPTA KAVENDRA GUPTA GNOP 3977112/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 43GNOP 17845154RAMBETI JAGDISH PRASAD GNOP 4025412/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 44GNOP 15621008MOTI LAL BAIJ NATH SCOP 4140812/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 45GNOP 17825165SAUMYATA MISHRA SUNIL KUMAR MISHRA GNOP 4170012/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 46GNOP 17855102LALITA VERMA MAHESH PRASAD VERMA BCOP 4174712/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 47GNOP 17811446DHARMENDRA KUMAR RAJ KUMAR SCOP 4294713/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 48GNOP 17831322MANOJ KUMAR SHARMA LALTA PRASAD SHARMA BCOP 4347613/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 49GNOP 17855205MANSI ARYA RAJEEV KUMAR ARYA GNOP 4368813/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 50GNOP 17895270SUSHILA VERMA JUGUL KISHOR VERMA BCOP 44917.00413/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 51GNOP 17895430MAYA SHUKLA RAKESH KUMAR SHUKLA GNOP 4602513/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 52GNOP 17895238SHILPI VERMA SHIV PAL SINGH BCOP 4605113/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 53GNOP 17811525SATYA PRAKASH RAVINDRA SINGH GNOP 4661413/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 54GNOP 17811081MANOJ KUMAR SANT LAL BHARGAVA SCOP 4676613/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 55GNOP 17855095RUPA VERMA RAM MANORATHA VERMA BCOP 4697513/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 56GNOP 15765155CHHAYA DEVI OM PRAKASH GNOP 4723713/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 57GNOP 17855219MANILA SHRESHTHA SURAJ PAL YADAV GNOP 4734913/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 58GNOP 17831740SANTOSH KUMAR MISHRI LAL SCOP 4826213/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 59GNOP 17885132AISHWARYA VERMA SEWAK RAM VERMA BCOP 4833213/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 60GNOP 17885110PUSHPA DEVI RAMKUMAR VERMA GNOP 4925113/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 61GNOP 15735182SABA SIDDIQUI MUHAIDDIN SIDDIQUI BCOP 5060213/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 62GNOP 17825489VINEETA BHARTI ONKAR NATH SCOP 5240313/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 63GNOP 17811358PREM KISHORE RAM SARAN SCOP 5247413/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 64GNOP 17825404PREETI DIXIT ASHOK DIXIT GNOP 53649.000813/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 65GNOP 17865254SRASTI TIWARI ALOK KUMAR TIWARI GNOP 5388113/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 66GNOP 15611319JITENDRA PRASAD KAMTA PRASAD SCOP 5405413/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 67GNOP 17881042ASHOK KUMAR SINGH KAPIL DEO SINGH GNOP 5493013/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 68GNOP 10215434RICHA MISHRA MUNISH MISHRA GNOP 5497513/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 69GNOP 17811652NAIMISH KUMAR RAM NARESH BCOP 5680114/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 70GNOP 17841122DUSHYANT KUMAR SATYA PAL VERMA BCOP 5739014/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 71GNOP 17895484SHILPI GUPTA RAM SHANKAR GUPTA BCOP 5750214/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 72GNOP 17875192POOJA KANAUJIYA AKHILESH KUMAR KANAUJIYA BCOP 5791414/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 73GNOP 17831710GYAN KISHORE AWASTHI RAM SWAROOP AWASTHI GNOP 5821114/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 74GNOP 17825601POONAM UMESH CHAND BCOP 5964414/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 75GNOP 15621240MO ASIF KHAN MO ATIK KHAN GNOP 6037914/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 76GNOP 17831374SARVESH KUMAR CHAVINATH PRASAD SCOP 6095114/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 77GNOP 17811680VIJAY KUMAR VERMA RAM SINGH VERMA GNOP 6096414/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 78GNOP 17881166KAMLESH KUMAR ESHWARDEEN SCOP 6116114/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 79GNOP 17825481GEETA TRIPATHI RAM SHANKAR TRIPATHI GNOP 6192314/6/2012
Arts and Commerce 80GNOP 17841230KAMLESH KUMAR GAJODHAR LAL SCOP 6192414/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 81GNOP 15651319SATYA PAL HORI LAL GNOP 66399/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 82GNOP 15601494SHYAM JI SHUKLA RAJ KUMAR SHUKLA GNOP 79469/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 83GNOP 17831349GYANOJ KUMAR PANDEY DURGA PRASAD PANDEY GNOP 1078510/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 84GNOP 17825263SAKSHI MISHRA RAM NARESH MISHRA GNOP 1222710/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 85GNOP 17881125KUSHAGRA RATHAUR RAJENDRA KUMAR RATHAUR BCOP 1298210/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 86GNOP 17861149ANUPAM KUMAR INDRA PAL GNOP 1424110/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 87GNOP 15661062ACHIN BARANWAL ANOOP KUMAR BARANWAL GNOP 1455610/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 88GNOP 17865218PRIYA MISHRA KANAUJI LAL MISHRA GNOP 1629110/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 89GNOP 17841132RISHI KUMAR MISRA SWATANTRA KUMAR MISRA GNOP 1654310/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 90GNOP 17841220SUMIT SAXENA RAMESH KUMAR SAXENA GNOP 1700810/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 91GNOP 17881051DHARMENDRA TRIPATHI RAMNARAYAN TRIPATHI GNOP 1915910/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 92GNOP 17831695SAURABH SHUKLA SAVITA DEEN SHUKLA GNOP 2059111/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 93GNOP 17861036ABHISHEK SHUKLA RAM NATH SHUKLA GNOP 2173311/6/2012
Science and Agriculture 94GNOP 17881033AKHILENDRA KUMAR RAVENDRA DEV GNOP 2357511/6/2012

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